Sabina Fay Braxton

SABINA FAY BRAXTON is a Paris and Ireland based FABRIC EDITOR. The company is specialised in the design of hand-printed VELVETS, SILKS and LINENS. Famous for its exclusive techniques of GILDED GAUFRAGE and BAS RELIEF effects, SFB also produces collections of WOVEN JACQUARD VELVETS, CHENILLE VELVETS and TEXTURED PLAIN fabrics. A collection of finished items such as VELVET and SILK CUSHIONS/PILLOWS, THROWS, BEDCOVERS, EVENING WRAPS/STOLES and EVENING COATS is also available. HAND FINISHED BAMBOO BLINDS in the SUDARI tradition trimmed with FABRICS from the collection may also be ordered. Exclusive hand crafted Velvets as featured in HARRY POTTER and STAR WARS PHANTOM MENACE.